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Competition for shelf space in the major retailers can be intense. Facing upcoming line reviews and in desperate need of a new image, Raindrip selected The Ad Firm as the agency to help them secure a position in these stores. Following in-depth competitive and consumer research in the drip irrigation market, The Ad Firm soon began the intensive process of redesigning packaging for over 300 hundred SKU’s, in-store signage and point-of-purchase materials. The new look and messaging was favored by the major retailers, leading to an important growth phase for the company.
  The Ad Firm contributions to the Raindrip re-branding project include:
  Logo Product Packaging In-store Signage
  Product Photography Bin Lables Website
  Visual Planogram Strath Elgin  
  "Working with The Ad Firm is like a breath of fresh air. Staff members approach projects with the goal of understanding not only what photo needs to be taken, but how the product functions and what my marketing objectives are. In other words they go beyond the call of duty and then some. As for services, they deliver on time, are fair with pricing, and the turnaround times are stellar!"      Erin Kostenboym - Marketing Manager
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The Ad Firm is a full-service advertising and marketing firm specializing in the creation of brands designed to command
a premium price. We focus on taking commodity driven products and, through powerful, proven re-branding, marketing
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Our combination of decades of product marketing experience, sophisticated designs, and unique understanding of
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