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As the category leader and a brand with a clearly-defined, unique selling position, Flex Trim never had a problem communicating the technical advantages of the product. Following the acquisition of the company, it was determined that a new look and feel was needed to communicate the quality and aesthetic benefits, as well. With a combination of powerful copy, product photography, brand icons and a whole new style, the Flex Trim brand has generated enthusiasm both internally and externally, an important step in the acquisition strategy.
  A few of the tactics that The Ad Firm has implemented to rejuvenate and re-launch the brand include:
  Logo Website National Ad Campaign
  Product Photography Catalog / Product Brochure Copywriting
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The Ad Firm is a full-service advertising and marketing firm specializing in the creation of brands designed to command
a premium price. We focus on taking commodity driven products and, through powerful, proven re-branding, marketing
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Our combination of decades of product marketing experience, sophisticated designs, and unique understanding of
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